Mercedes-Benz "The Star is Reborn"
VFX Shoot attendance

I am 100% bilingual, very familiar with British and American lifestyles and with a long carear in VFX y el mundo anglosajón. Therefore I am very comfortable attending Commercial shoots for foreign companies shooting in Spain.

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy Production: Biscuit Filmworks LA
Director: Andreas Nilsson PostProduction: Absolute

Agency: Grey Production: Stink
Director: Watts PostProduction: Absolute

Agency: Rankin (London) Production: Somesuch
Director: Christian Larson PostProduction: Untold Studios

Meow Wolf "See the worlds"
Minute Maid "Reground Me"
Complete Postproduction Supervision for Film

With an extense experience of postproduction in more than 40 films we oversee the whole post production film process.

We start from the very beginning, working with the DoP, DIT and the editor so the workflow between camera(s), dailies, lab, VFX and sound goes smoothly.

We can do some of the post or titles ourselves o we can work with whatever vendor you choose.

Love, divided

Netflix original currently streaming

My penguin friend

American production by City Hill Arts starring Jean Reno. It opens next August 9th.

NY Times article about film titles with special mention to my titles for "Red Lights" (Rodrigo Cortés), starring Robert de Niro, SIgourney Weaver and Cillian Murphy.

Títulos de Cine

"Escape", starring Mario Casas, directed by Rodrigo Cortés and with Martin Scorsese as Executive Producer will premiere soo..
It has been a pleasure doing the titles.

More titles

Article about Jorge Calvo in the prestigious "Art of the title"